About us


Mission Statement

By 2022, the school will achieve 1000 tree plants in the school area. The School will create fear free environment and achieve 100% attendance. Try to achieve 100% literacy in the area. To provide all necessary facilities to the students to achieve high marks in the Examination.

Our Inner Urge

To Provide quality education to the children of rural area and weaving together the creative and cognitive to lend a holistic texture to the educational fabric preparing the children for life by providing a healthy atmosphere for growing up together respecting gender equality.


  • Creating an environment that goes beyond mere study, thus Grooming independent, competent, resilient, patient, and understanding individuals.
  • Resourcefulness, courage, and confidence and developing the young minds into veritable researches and thinkers.
  • Shree Maruthi Residential School & PU College belongs as much to the students as to the faculty; such a school culture wraps the learner and the learned in one realm of

Our belief

Knowledge is Strength is the guiding watch word of our institute. The sun who rises in the lap of greenery enlightens the whole world with his bright rays. As the presence of sun eradicates darkness our institution aims at eradication of ignorance and spreading knowledge. As the lotus in the water blooms at the rays of sun, the students in the school shine in the light of knowledge. From generation to generation the knowledge is imported through books. Our desire is that the good things they learn here may be carried forward to the ages to come.

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