The faculty at Shree Maruthi Residential School embodies. Our core values, and breathes life in to our core3 purpose. Individually, they are dynamic, creative, inspiring and compassionate; collectively their strength of focus breeds an environment that is nurturing, yet disciplined, progressive, yet grounded.
A seamless experience of learning, where the students, their parents and the school strengthen each other in symbiotic partnership towards the same gol quality education leading the young minds from the shadows of un familiar to the brilliance of learning.

Name of the staff members

Sl. No. Teachers  Name Qualification
1 Mr. N. Vittal ( Principal ) M.A, B.Ed, MBA, PGDCA, DCA
2 Smt. Shakuntala Sarang B.A. B.Ed
3 Mr. Jayant Gouda B.A. BP Ed
4 Miss. Chetana Naik M.A.  D.Ed, B.Ed.
5 Miss. Sindhu Hegde B.Sc, B.Ed
6 Smt. Shweta Hegde NTC, B.A. M.A.
7 Miss. Veena Naik B.A. B.Ed
8 Miss. Pavitra Naik B.Sc, B.Ed
9 Mr. Adarsh Revankar M.A. B.Ed
10 Miss. Amruta Raikar M.A. B.Ed
11 Miss. Anusha R. Naik B.Sc, B.Ed
12 Miss. Madhura Nayak M.A. B.Ed
13 Miss. Asha Hrikant B.Sc, B.Ed
14 Miss. Shakuntala Naik M.A. B.Ed
15 Miss. Divyajyoti B.Sc. B.Ed
16 Mr.  Sharukh Shaha B.A. B.Ed
17 Miss. Shilpa Deshbhandari B.Sc, B.Ed
18 Miss. Tweeny Fernandes B.Sc, B.Ed
19 Smt. Nagaratna Achari M.A D.Ed
20 Miss. Geetanjali Hajgolkar B.A   B.Ed
Sl.No. Name
1 Mr. Ramadas Ganapati Hegde
2 Mr. Nagaraj Ager
3 Mr. Mahesh Gouda
4 Mr. Ganesh Ramachandra Naik
5 Mr. Ganesh Narayan Naik
6 Mr. Prashant Acharya
7 Miss. Asha G. Naik
8 Smt. Chandrakala
9 Smt. Ramendia Pinto
10 Smt. Sudha Mesta
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